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Student Guidelines

AIS-R Eagle Honor Code

AIS-R is a school that honors and promotes respect for others, inclusiveness, individual differences, and appropriate behavior. We believe that ethics and values are essential in a principled community, and expect behavior that upholds the dignity and self-worth of all community members. In order to reinforce these beliefs, AIS-R has defined what it means to be an AIS-R Eagle: Ethical, Adaptable, Global, Learning, and Environmental. AIS-R students are expected to live these dispositions and avoid behaviors that are inconsistent with their spirit and meaning. Together, these five overarching characteristics comprise AIS-R’s Eagle Honor Code, and students are reminded of this code in many different ways throughout the year.

The goal of the AIS-R Eagle Honor Code is to “educate and inspire our students to be responsible, productive, and ethical global citizens,” perhaps one of the most important components of AIS-R’s Mission.

Student Guardianship

Students enrolled at AIS-R must reside with their parents or appointed guardians. If parents are absent from home for even a short time, an adult guardian must take responsibility for the student's day-to-day welfare. Parents must submit written notice of such temporary guardianship to the appropriate school office.

Lost Property

AIS-R accumulates items found at school and stores them in the lost and found located in the Parent Lounge. Students should check with their divisional offices when they have lost or misplaced an item. Items that are not claimed by the start of Winter Break or by the start of Summer Break will be donated to charitable associations.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

AIS-R values its partnership with parents and consistently endeavors to keep parents apprised of their children’s academic progress. The Elementary School publishes reports in Skyward each trimester. In addition, teachers send progress reports home in an effort to keep parents well informed.

The Middle School and High School post report cards online in Skyward at the end of each semester. Parents and students may check current grades throughout the year (with the exception of the week following the end of each quarter).


AIS-R believes that regular attendance and punctuality are essential to the academic success of our students. Students are expected to arrive on time and to attend classes regularly.

Each of the divisions have established minimum attendance regulations for its program. These regulations are designed to emphasize to the students the critical importance of good attendance and its relation to academic success. Parents are required to communicate any absences, tardies, or early departures to the appropriate Division Office.

Parents and students must also coordinate with the school to collect and make up missed work due to absences. Poor attendance by a student may result in student retention; however, this issue is reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the divisional principal.

Dress/Appearance Guidelines

Students should dress with modesty and decorum, in keeping with the traditions and customs of our host country. While the school does not wish to apply a rigid dress code, the following are basic guidelines.

Elementary School: Student dress and appearance are directly related to school atmosphere, student conduct and the quality of schoolwork. In keeping with the traditions and customs of the host country, modesty in school attire must be maintained. It is impossible to develop guidelines for every fad regarding dress and appearance. Please refer to the Elementary School Handbook (HERE)

Middle School: Students are expected to take EAGLE pride in their appearance and communicate their respect for our host country, our school, our community and their commitment to learning through their adherence to the AIS-R dress code. It is our goal at AIS-R to provide our students with a productive and positive learning environment and to minimize disruptions and distractions. Please refer to the Middle School Handbook (HERE) for review dress code expectations.

High School: Students are expected to take EAGLE pride in their appearance and communicate their respect for our host country, our school, our community and their commitment to learning through their adherence to the AIS-R dress code. Students’ dress and appearance are directly related to the learning environment of the school, the conduct of students and the quality of schoolwork. Please refer to the High School Handbook (HERE) for review dress code expectations.


Homework is an important continuation of work that begins in the classroom and can help to fulfill the individual needs of each student. Parental encouragement and interest in student assignments produce a positive influence on student attitudes toward school and school work. Each division sets homework guidelines that can be found in their divisional Student Handbook. Parents are encouraged to be aware of these guidelines and to closely monitor their child's homework assignments.

Technology Requirements at Home

At AIS-R, we believe that technology provides essential learning tools for students and teachers. We have a rich and cutting-edge technology program for all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our wireless network covers the entire campus, allowing our community of learners access to the internet anytime and everywhere. Through our 1:World initiative, all students in Grades 3 to 12 use their personal devices as a required part of their learning day; with Grades 3-7 using iPads and Grades 8-12 using laptops.

With this in mind, AIS-R parents should ensure that their children have access to technology at home. Specifically, students in grades 3-12 should refer to our innovation page (1:World Initiative) for more detailed information.

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